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F1nn5ter Content Site (FCS)

This is an un-official, fan-made site.

Who’s F1nn5ter? F`1nn5ter is F1nn. He’s also Jude. F1nn5ter is a 5’9″ tall (69in. Nice) Minecraft YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and Minecraft server mogul. He also does a little bit of cross-dressing and he’s a totally straight, cis male. Not gay or trans, not even a little bit. And he’s totally a Manly Man™.

The Stream index page lists all the VODs available on YouTube and Twitch. Each VOD page will have either an embedded YouTube video or a link to a Twitch VOD. When available, additional content will be included on the VOD page. Additional content may include: YouTube Transcripts, Twitch Chat Logs, Disnick screenshot sets, et. al.

The Photo Album index page lists photo albums organized by the source Social Media platform or F1nn community member with each album having at least one photo gallery in it.

The PO Box Index page lists various PO Box items that viewers have sent to F1nn5ter.

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Stream Notifications

Fan-made Twitter account that updates itself whenever the F1nn5ter f3mmbot is updated by one of F1nn’s Twitch mods.

F1nn’s Discord
F1nn’s Instagram

F1nn’s Sub-Reddit
F1nn’s Twitter

LittleChaSiu’s calendar page showing Girl Month status and various stream milestones.

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